Movement Heals the Body

Handstand at the crossfit gym

The human body is an amazing piece of engineering. Think about the complexity of the blood vessels, muscles, bones, organs and neurons. Think of all of the moving parts that work in perfect harmony. It is an example that we try to recreate in many things that we build from computers, to machinery, to everything else.

You are the owner of one of these prototype, one-off machines. The value is incapable of being determined. Your body will last you about 80 years on average. Think of almost every single man-made thing. How many of those things last that long? Not many, and the ones that do usually require many replacement parts over time.

Where do you pick up your human replacement parts?  Where is the human replacement parts store? I think I saw one at the mall the other day next to the Apple store…Oh wait, THEY DO NOT EXIST.

Rear view of a young man holding his back in pain, isolated on w

If you were the owner of a $1 million sports car or a $10 million home, would you take care of it? Would you perform all of the required maintenance or pay someone to assist you in maintaining it because you may not have the appropriate knowledge to carry it all out?  You would, right? Then why do you not do exactly the same with your body?

You can buy car and homeowner insurance, and if there is damage it can get fixed to being brand new pretty quickly and easily. The body is not quite the same. Your health insurance will provide you the ability to have repairs paid for, but they will never be exactly the same. No matter what, it will not be the same.

As a health care professional, there is this perception that we are all experts in our field and that we are offering the very best practices, the very best treatments and the very best knowledge.

Closeup of young man during mobility exercise stretching arms w

The secret lies in a single word from that sentence above: Practice. It is practice, it is not perfect. It is not the same as a profession where you do A and then do B and you will always get C. Every single body is different. Every single body has little nuances. Taking a cookie cutter approach will allow you to rake in a tremendous amount of money, but it will also leave you with so much more on the table.

These two articles talk of two very specific types of surgeries and their outcomes compared to exercise. Please read them for yourselves:

They both talk about how exercise is a better choice than surgical intervention for those two specific instances. The point is this: We are always learning. The way I practice and coach is not the same as it was five years ago, three years ago, or even six months ago. My intensity and drive are still present, my style is there, but my information is constantly evolving. I am always trying to offer the best possible information to as many people as I can.

Quarter Deck Athletics is the only gym of its kind in downtown Buffalo. You will lift, crawl, run, carry, climb, sprint, throw and do everything in between. At QDA, are trying to build the most well rounded, healthy, balanced athletes that the world has ever seen.

Movement is medicine and you should be taking this medicine daily, at your dose.

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