I’m Not Ready


There is no right time. There are just opportunities. You either seize them or you don’t.

There is always an excuse as to why. There is always a reason to not do something, however, in order to be successful, we need our why to be greater than our why not. We need to be okay with not being 100 percent ready. That is when great things will happen. The world does not just wait for you to be ready. It will continue to carry on as it has for the last 6 billion years.

Phrases like, “I need to lose weight first…” or “I need to be in better shape first” or “I cannot do that…” are simply excuses. It’s your fear talking. It’s the BS story you tell yourself and will continue to believe until one day you wake up and you’ve had enough.

No one has ever walked through my doors and said, “Hi, I’m in great shape and I’m just looking to maintain my current level of awesomeness…” At Quarter Deck Athletics, every person is here for the same reason. And that is to be better. We are here to improve.


When you walk through QDA’s doors, you will be in good company. You will be with a group of motivated and positive people that have decided that easy will no longer suffice.

It is time to tell those excuses that they are no longer powerful. It is time to be okay with being a little bit uncomfortable. It is time to make the change that you have been waiting weeks, months or years to make.

It is time to become the person that you deserve to be. It will be challenging and rewarding. It will be sweaty and fun. You will laugh, you will cry, and everything in-between. Most importantly, you will be healthier and stronger, and you will feel infinitely better!

Quarter Deck Athletics is the only gym of its kind in downtown Buffalo, offering fitness, chiropractic and nutrition services. Your first class is always free. No prior fitness experience is needed. Just call ahead at (716) 464-3659 or email us to reserve your spot. See you soon!

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