Flexibility is Overrated

Closeup of young man during mobility exercise stretching arms w

Being flexible is overrated and overstated, and it’s a surefire way to get injured.

The ability to passively fold your body into awkward positions that most humans can’t achieve is not a good thing. Likewise, the ability to fold your body in half and touch your toes is not an indication of strength, health or fitness.

Do you understand what I’m starting to get at? We need to be able to actively achieve these positions. It does not matter what positions you can get into passively. If you cannot achieve them actively then they are not serving to help you be a well-rounded, healthy, fit individual. That is why, at Quarter Deck Athletics, we devote a class every week, called kinesthetic stretching, to this concept.

IMG_5316Kinesthetic stretching is devoted to helping you better control your body through space. We utilize therapeutic concepts and put them in a simple-to-follow format that will allow the most sedentary of individuals to be successful.

We are able to cover the entire body in a way that warms up all of your joints and muscles through safe, controlled ranges of motion. There are no jarring, explosive movements. It is a matter of utilizing your body weight and learning how to better control your own body. By doing specific flows and movement patterns, we teach our body how to move safely in a pain free range of motion.

These movement concepts are currently being utilized by MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL athletes to help recover from injury and prevent future occurrences. If you want to establish a new PR or become more efficient, then this class is for you. If you have shoulder issues, knee issues, neck pain, back pain, or any other musculoskeletal issues, you can still participate in this class and make progress at your own pace.

IMG_5737 (1)

At Quarter Deck Athletics, we have helped athletes with joint replacements, arthritis, Chron’s disease and gout, as well as those who suffer(ed) from cancer and/or a multitude of other health conditions, to achieve higher levels of health and fitness through the use of these protocols.

Our kinesthetic stretching class is designed to be performed to the best of your ability. It’s held on Saturdays on 10 a.m., and there are no minimum fitness requirements. Come in and try it out! Your first class is on us. Just be sure to call ahead at 716-464-3659 to reserve your spot.

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