Close-up of man holding heavy kettlebell

At Quarter Deck Athletics (QDA), our clients are from all over Western New York.

They come through our doors with backgrounds ranging from sedentary new exerciser with a multitude of health issues to former college athlete who misses team camaraderie.

IMG_4235They arrive with different ideas and expectations of the gym. They all have different health and fitness goals, such as getting into a squat versus squatting hundreds of pounds. However, they all have one thing in common. They all say the same thing: “I wish I started sooner!”

There is so much fear associated with starting something new whether it’s a gym, job or class. There’s always so much unknown, but know this: The good will outweigh any fears.

IMG_4238Now, these clients are athletes. They are amazed at what they can do and what they’ve accomplished in such short periods of time. The minutes, hours and days add up. Progress occurs. Before you realize it, you will have reached your goal and set a new one.

They were all just like you, wondering, debating and hesitating. Learn from their mistakes. Start now.  Do not wait for another day. In a year, you will wish you started today!

Grab some friends, pick a class time and contact us 24 hours in advance to reserve your spot. Your first class is always on us!

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