January 9, 2017

IMG_8422.JPGWarm up
2 minutes each side each direction
30 90/90 switches

Then 3 rounds
10 dead bugs
10 bird dogs
10 commando rocks

20 rep back squat



60 lunges (total)
30 db snatches (total)
15 hspu


2 thoughts on “January 9, 2017

    1. Hi, Alana – It’s $50 for members and $250 for non-members. The cost covers two BIA readings, eight weeks of workouts, support and guidance, and cash prizes! The more who enter, the larger the prizes! The purse is currently more than $1,000 for the grand prize winner. It began on Monday and will run until March 6. The last day to enter is this Friday, Jan. 13. If you’d like to join, send us an email at qdathletics@gmail.com and we can schedule a BIA reading and weigh-in. We will also be having a second lecture this Saturday at 10 a.m. to answer some questions about the challenge. You’re welcome to join us if you’re interested about learning more. No pressure to sign up! Hope to see you!


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