IMG_2292.JPGMy Why

What’s my why?

To understand that, you must first understand my whats…

Professionally, I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I hold a Master’s of Science in applied clinical nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in exercise science. Beyond this, I hold more than 10 exercise and health related certifications, I and continue to seek out more knowledge and understanding about the body.

I have fully dissected more than four human bodies during my education. Between teaching, tutoring, and my own class work, I have spent thousands of hours learning about the human body – its abilities, the intricacies of pains, the fluidity of movement, what muscles do and where they are.

I have immersed myself with working out since I was around 16 years old, starting with classic bodybuilding workouts while idolizing the physiques of those from the golden era of bodybuilding. Arnold is always the number one choice for people but I also always thought guys like Frank Zane or Steve Reeves to be more appealing.

Personally, I am a father of an amazing boy. I don’t say that because I’m his dad. He is entirely too handsome and smart for his own good. I see him just be given things by people all the time. In one day, he was given a brand new (still in the package) Hot Wheels truck at a car dealership, then $5 from the school secretary at my dad’s school for graduating kindergarten (he just met her that day), and – last but certainly not least – a necklace from a Wegmans cashier. All in one day!

On Saturday, we were at the new Co-op on Hertel when he asked me, “Do you like Fireball?”

I casually responded back, “No I don’t, why?”

“I like it. It’s a song and it’s a drink!”

“Okay, it’s alcohol. It’s not something you should have. You can like the song all you want but it’s not a drink that’s for you.”

There are many exchanges we have like this, all day, every day.

I am also divorced. I do not look at it as a bad thing. I do not regret any of that time or that relationship. I honestly would not change it because it has made me who I am.

I am now happily in a new relationship.

These are my whats.

My how….

IMG_2635I own and operate a CrossFit gym, chiropractic office, and nutrition practice in the Hotel Lafayette.

Lastly, my why…

This is the most important. This is the essential. This is more important than any of the above-mentioned items.

Everything I do is to prove something.

It is to prove that we are all capable of almost any physical task we set forth to complete if given enough time, enough preparation, and enough support.

It is to prove that who you were a year ago has no bearing on who you can be in a year. What happened in your past dictates your current situation, not your future.

You are capable of so much and you can achieve it.

Mental fortitude is something that many people lack or at least do not have enough of.

That is what we at QDA provide.

I have the same conversation with every athlete that enters the gym.

“We have one expectation: effort. That’s it. I don’t care how much you lift or how fast you do it. What is more impressive to me is coming in consistently. Anyone can come in one single day and blow it out of the water. Come in consistently and work hard. That will impress me.”

No one is better than anyone else and no one is worse. We are all treated the same because we all have the same goals: be healthier and be more fit. We all can and will benefit from each other.

I don’t look at myself a chiropractor, nutritionist, gym owner, coach, trainer.

I look at it like this: I am a facilitator. I am here to get you to be able to do the things that you say and want to. I am all in. I want to see how far the rabbit hole goes. Whether it’s to lose 100 pounds, compete at a high level, play with your grandkids, race faster, compete in weightlifting or powerlifting, be pain-free, perform a squat, or (the always popular) not die.

I am here to have the belief in you that you need until you develop it on your own, to give you the faith and push until that fire is self-motivated, and to continue to push you to excel even when you are tired, winded, and feel as though you cannot.

IMG_2639.PNGI am here to walk through the fire with you because the journey is the best part. The transformation is amazing. The high fives and the “I can’t believe I just did that” moments. That is so rewarding.

Whether it’s watching my son read a sentence with no mistakes, seeing someone do their best air squats, or witnessing the movements click on a lift, I feel amazing pride and joy, not for any other reason than I have been given the privilege to be a part of that journey and I know the work that went into it. The push that was needed. The sacrifices that were made.

That’s my why.

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