Maybe a year ago my father, a Marine, told me to not swear so much in my social media posts because I’m a professional. Go watch Full Metal Jacket and realize my father is also a high school principal and then reread that first statement.

I understood where he was coming from but I was also hesitant. I felt like I could be a professional and swear. I fully believe my communication should dictate the respect I desire, not my clothing. As a doctor, if the only way you will respect me is by me wearing a shirt and tie then I am doing a very poor job of communication. It is something I used to think about quite a bit when I started out and bouncing back and forth between coaching classes, treating patients, personal training, and nutrition appointments.

Back to swearing. I obliged my dad on his point. Today I saw one of the many social media posts regarding the upcoming ‘new year’ where everything changes. It said something very explicit about what he was going to do to 2018.

I thought to myself, this is why.

I’m not flashy. I don’t like flashy. I don’t like drama. I don’t like overpromising and underdelivering. I don’t boast loudly, and not back it up. I am typically not in your face unless that is what you need.

This post was all of those. It was a tidal wave.

Do you know what happens with a tidal wave? It’s a one hit wonder. It comes in all big and bad. It definitely will do some damage, and then it’s gone as quick as it came.

I am the tide. I am methodical, consistent, relentless.

I will achieve because of persistence, not brute force. There is a time and place for each and sometimes both.

I don’t seek to draw you in with false promises of amazing easy transformations or quick fixes.

It takes work. It takes the relentless pursuit of excellence in the simple and mundane.

It takes showing up regularly, daily, and doing the work. Just like the tide.

In the wise words of John Welbourn, you have to do work and move dirt. Some days you get a shovel and some days a spoon. I’ll add that some days you don’t get any tool.

What is awesome is when you realize what you have done. The work you have accomplished. The dirt you have moved.

The ‘dirty secret’ isn’t pills, potions, or some IG models secret workout. Most are under the age of 22, have little knowledge, filter heavy, and some are juicing way more than fruits and veggies.

The dirty secret is consistency. Finding a coach and program you like and doing it. Some people like being held accountable, we will do that. Some people like to choose their own adventure, we don’t do that. As I have said before my flavor isn’t vanilla and you may not like it.

When you are ready to work like the tide and move some dirt, we are here!

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