We are full swing into New Year’s and with it resolutions galore, although in Buffalo I think the Bills making the playoffs is riding a much higher wave.

This is a time where many gyms are throwing out these seemingly ridiculous deals. I have a deal right now its for 8 weeks as a part of a healthy eating challenge where you could potentially win money for eating healthy and working out. Most big gyms run on the premise of monthly EBT revenue (direct debit from your account). You notice how the gym is swamped this week and the next few? You ever go into one of those gyms in June, September, or November at the same time, same day of the week? You would be lucky to see 5% of those people.

These gyms make this huge up front promise, sell you the best price possible, throw in a few personal training sessions, and are you best friend when they ask you for three to five referrals. Two weeks later they have no clue who you are. Most of the time you do not hear from them again until your membership is about run out in two weeks. They aren’t bad people or anything like that, its their job, hit crazy numbers, get people to sign on the line, or we will find someone who will.

If every single person who was a member of a big gym showed up in one day, evenly spaced out, they would have over 250-500 people there per hour, every hour, the entire day. Seriously.

Their business model fails if everyone who signs up, shows up. My business is the exact opposite. It does not work if you don’t show up. We do not use a long term contract where you are locked into a monthly recurring payment. Why? If I am not worthy salt then why should you get roped into a long contract? Because I smooth talked you into it by hitting on emotional triggers?

Personal trainers range on average from $50/hr – $200/hr+. We will say average is around $100 for a one off session. For less than what you would pay for two training sessions you will get daily workouts, coached to you, scaled to your ability, and designed to make you healthier, stronger, faster, leaner, and lighter.

You may think its still its expensive, however how expensive is being sick, injured, or weak?

You know how most videos and testimonials say that results shown are not typical? Here results are typical. It is typical for women to be squatting over 200# while wearing the smallest size jeans they have ever worn. It is typical to lose 20, 30, 40+ pounds when you come workout regularly.

It is typical to develop a circle of friends that have come to have the same appreciation for what their new found abilities allow them to accomplish daily. Many people on the outside do not understand why. They get aggravated or upset when all you discuss is CrossFit. Its simple.

Imagine every single day being surrounded by a group of people who are all dedicated to improving themselves and are equally excited to see you make progress. They are excited to see you when you come in and call you out when you miss a fun workout.

It is not easy. If it was easy then every single person would be an olympic level athlete with low level body fat percentage, no arthritis, and walking around in bikinis.
It is challenging, it changes you. It makes you stronger mentally and physically. It ends up showing you that you are capable of significantly more than you realize.

Check out the video below and then come join us!

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