Sword of Damocles

Damocles was a sycophant in the court of Dionysus II. He was constantly complimenting how great it was to be Dionysus, that his armies, his riches, and all the fruits were so wonderful.

One day, Dionysus grew tired of this empty praise and offered Damocles the crown. To sit on the large golden throne and to enjoy all of the greatness being Dionysus must be.

Greedily and happily Damocles accepted. Upon sitting on the throne while enthralled with all of the ‘praise and riches’ Dionysus had a sworn hung by the pommel directly over Damocles’ head held up by only a single horse hair.

Upon realizing this Damocles became extremely uneasy, incapable of enjoying the throne and all of the Wonderful items he was praising Dionysus of having.

“There can be no happiness for one who lives in constant fear of death.”

This story and idea has been used many times in story, both fact and fiction.

It is used in Henry IV. “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

It is referenced in major speeches like from JFK.

It is referenced in many movies including The Departed.

We must be present to enjoy life. We must be present to experience life. If we are worried, if we are elsewhere we will miss it. It is transient and before we know it, it is snatched from us.

Amrap 15

5 hang squat snatch

50 double unders

500 m row/run/ski

Amrap 15

5 ohs

10 strict pull ups

500m row/run/ski

Amrap 15

5 hang power snatch

20 strict push ups

500m row/run/ski

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