Warm up
5 minutes of cat/cows


3 rounds
10 lunge and reach (total reps)
5 swimmers
20 glute bridges
100’ oh carry each arm

100 air squats
100 dips (use a chair, legs can be bent or straight but whatever you start with stay with!)
100 dB gtoh (don’t have a db use a kB/medball or… substitute 200 jumping jacks, yes 200)
2 rds

Video challenge

Perform max reps of push ups in 2 minutes- video must be done with WODProof app. Make sure you have the clock in frame and that your entire body in frame.

Scaling options on push ups are as follows
Rx-Strict push ups
L1-Hand release push ups
L2-Push ups off a counter or table

Whatever level you start with in this challenge you will stay with! Makes it difficult without knowing what may come out of the hopper. Exciting, right?

You will be scored against your peers…

First place in each division gets 1 point, second gets 2, third will receive 3, and so on.

We will also hold a drawing for those who complete the most challenges, for example the gym is closed 45 days and we have 5 people do all 45 challenges we will do a drawing out of a hat to see who wins the prize.

Post and tag me in the video on a social media outlet!

We will be doing outdoor workouts tomorrow at noon and 500pm bring a DB

9 thoughts on “March 17, 2020

  1. Deff did not do the the timing right, took me around 22-24 minutes. Push ups were tough and glad to still get the workout in!

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