Warm up
5 minutes cat cow
5 minutes deadbug hold
5 minute Hero pose

Then 3 rounds
10 total lunge and reach
20 Cossack squats
30 cross jacks

5 sets
30 second overhead squats
10 seconds descent
10 second pause at bottom
10 second ascent

(The goal here is to work on the feel of the movement, places you move through quickly to hide faults, you do not need more than a pvc pipe or a broomstick to get the effects we are looking for. If you cannot perform this with a pvc work on the air squat in the same fashion. We want to see those feet straight ahead!)

Every hour on the hour

Every hour you are awake you will perform the following sequence of movements.

20 air squats
20 ground to overhead (use a dumbbell, kettlebell, Medball, book bag, anything)

If you miss an hour you will double up or perform as many hours as you missed at that time…

If you wake up at 8:00am and you go to bed at 9:300pm you would do 13 sets!

Video challenge

Gratitude challenge

One thought on “March 21, 2020

  1. This was terrible hahaha I’d rather do ALMOST anything else. First 6 hours I did nothing so I had to do them all at once. Then I felt like the hours kept flying by and I was constantly working…

    First 7 hours I snatched 65# barbell
    Next 2 hours used my kids for gtoh
    The rest of the night I used a 10# plate as I was over this wod haha

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