Warm up
5 minutes of cardio

4 rounds
10 unbroken hspu
Scaling options for hspu
Seated strict press/chair/stairs/box
5 pull ups/table rows/bent over rows
100’ oh carry each arm
50 jumping jacks

These hspu and pull up options will he used later in the week for a workout, this is a great time to work the kinks out/send a message about set up and execution of the movements!!!

This will get your heart rate up, but that’s the point you have two really quick burners to do!!!

Scaling the warm up

Workout in a 5 minute window
Air squat
Rest 5
Air squat
Gtoh (moderate weight)

For gtoh
Use a plate/dB/kettlebell/ruck/barbell if you got it. This is a light weight ideally 50/35# and single arm if using two hands on a bar then use 75/55#

The goal of this is to finish but be cruising, don’t come out hot if you cannot sustain!!!

Rx as is
L1 18-12-6 rep scheme
L2 15-9-6 rep scheme

Cool down
2:30 each side each direction

correct video challenge

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