Warm up

5:00 of cardio
Run/bike/row/jump rope/burpee

Ido portal squat warm up


Tempo Bulgarian split squats

It’s going to be a deep burn

6 sets of 6 on each leg

Perform all reps on one leg then all reps on opposite leg.

Try to do your weak side first!

The tempo is going to be
5 seconds down-2 second hover-explode up-1 second reset… Watch the video challenge for a demo of the exercise!!!

Work out
Bear squats
(Hug your object ball/DB/kb/plate and perform squats with it, it’s giving hugs but maintaining social distance)
Handstand push-ups

Cap is 8 minutes

Remember the hspu scaling from yesterday, here is where it’s important!!

It will look like this
10 bear squats
1 hspu
9 bear squats
2 hspu
8 bear squats
3 hspu
7 bear squats
4 hspu
6 bear squats
5 hspu
5 bear squats
6 hspu
4 bear squats
7 hspu
3 bear squats
8 hspu
2 bear squats
9 hspu
1 bear squats
10 hspu —— and then you cry

video challenge

4 thoughts on “March 25, 2020

  1. Got to 3 bear squats (round 15 of 20). 45# DB for the bear. Got to check back on some HSPU options, it was no bueno. But got 62 in the challenge! Nice outdoor workout!


  2. Strength
    3 sets at body weight
    2 sets with vest
    1 set with vest and 10# plate

    Wod: DNF, completed round of 3 bear squats and 5 hspu


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