Sunday Skills with Steph!

(need: PVC or similar household item)
2 rounds
⁃ PVC/Broom/Swiffer shoulder opener x 10 reps
⁃ PVC/Broom/Swiffer canoes x10 reps each side
⁃ 10 Perfect Plank Position – Shoulder Tap to Toe Tap
⁃ 10 4-part squats

Skill Work
(need: box or stairs, mat or folded towel for head, wall to kick up to, DB/KB)
3 rounds
⁃ 20-30 sec: Handstand Hold
⁃ Option 1: kick up to a handstand.
⁃ Option 2: wall walk to a handstand.
⁃ Minimum hold 20 seconds. Maximum hold 30 seconds.
⁃ Striving for excellent HS / hollow body position⁃ 10 reps each arm: DB/KB Push Press. ⁃ If weight is too heavy for one arm, you have two options: ⁃ Decrease reps to 5-7 reps on each arm ⁃ Hold the weight with both hands in front rack position ⁃ 20 reps: Hollow Body Rocks ⁃ If you cannot rock, hold for :20 seconds ⁃ Modified rock: hands by your side, knees bent ⁃ Full Boat (striving for excellent HB position, smooth rocks)

(need: DB / KB / Ruck)
14 min cap

4 Rounds For Time:
20 Plank Pull Throughs (DB, KB, Ruck)
20 single arm squat + rotational press (10 EACH ARM)
⁃ can sub single-arm thruster (still 10 each arm)
20 Russian Twists WITH weight

Video challenge

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