Warm up
Feel me flow

Full body flow
5 minutes

3 rds
4 swimmers
8 ultimate stretch
12 sky reaches each side
16 Cossack squats

21 gun salute
The way a 21 gun salute works is you perform

7 bottom half reps
7 top half reps
7 full range of motion reps
For a total of 21 reps

The rules of the 21’s are to make sure you get full range of motion, do not cheat the reps, and keep moving through the set!

Add load as needed!!!

Push ups

Perform 3 sets of each!

Amrap 15
10 jumping lunges (total)
10 single arm hang cleans (left)
10 shoulder to overhead (left)
10 single arm hang cleans (right)
10 shoulder to overhead (right)
10 jumping lunges (total)

If you cannot perform jumping lunges perform 10 total drop step lunges

The weight you are using for the weight should be something we can ideally do unbroken or close to unbroken.

Finishing round one will lead you to the potential to do 20 jumping lunges in a row!

Feel free to wear a vest if you think this workout will be too easy for you.

Video challenge and strength demo

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