Warm up
5 rds
5 reps of each
Captain Morgan’s (each side)
Tiger sit downs (each side)
Moose antlers (each side)

Using modifications made available last week
Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes perform
5 unbroken reps

In between sets perform 4-6 v ups or sit-ups again this should be quick and unbroken

Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes (that’s six rounds for you playing at home)
200 m run
10 push ups
6 pull ups (strict)

Scaling options
Run subs (50 double unders/50 plate hops/30 lunges)

Push ups if it ain’t tight it ain’t right (stay squeezed and use an elevated surface like a table, chair, stairs)

Pull ups (can scale to kipping is you have the ability, 3 reps, band assisted, ring rows or table rows, bent over rows)

The goal is quick unbroken sets and a fast run but not a sprint, you should have about 2:00 rest or a little more between sets

Video challenge

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