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In August of 1883 there was a massive volcanic explosion that spewed smoke, ash, and debris for almost 20 hours straight.

This volcanic explosion created what is known as the loudest sound in historic record.

There were four explosions within this eruption that lasted almost an entire day. The third explosion was the loudest and most violent. It was so loud it was heard over 3,000 miles away! That would be like someone in New York City hearing an explosion from 300 miles past Los Angeles…

The loudness of the blast was calculated to be 190 decibels over 100 miles from the blast. Glass breaks around 160 decibels, 140 decibels is the threshold of pain for hearing at all frequencies.

The pressure wave of this blast was so massive it created 100 foot high tsunamis in multiple directions, the energy released was equivalent to 200 megatonnes of TNT. That is 4 times more powerful than the Tsar Bomba, the most powerful device ever to be detonated.

The pressure wave ruptured the ear drums of sailors over 40 miles away.

The pressure wave was recorded on barographs all over the world. In fact it was recorded 7 times over 5 days. Four times the wave was traveling away and three times toward the volcano. This is why it is known to have travelled the world three and a half times!

This explosion is also believed to be the inspiration for the iconic painting “the scream”

I think it goes without saying that today’s workout will be explosive.

20 one arm rows each arm (if using a bag/bar/ or other two handed object do 35 rows)
20 floor press each arm (if using a bag/bar/or other two handed object do 35 presses)
50 squats with dumbbell
50 dB sit up press
20 floor press each arm
20 one arm rows each arm
Run 1 mile with dB/vest/ruck only use vest or ruck if you are using a bar for other movements
3 rounds for time
75 minute cap

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