The seven trumpets of the seven angels after the seventh seal of the apocalypse breaks.

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The Bible, more specifically the book of revelation is amazing. I’m am Catholic and I am not saying this in a demeaning way, it’s crazy. If you have never read it you should.

This is the stuff horror movies are made of, it talks of fire and brimstone, half human half beast creatures covered in iron armor flying up out of the ground, 1/3 of the population just being wiped out. Crazy stuff!

The book of revelation is basically the foretelling of the end of the world. It speaks of the Antichrist and many other things that have made its way into secular culture.

Seven is a real popular theme.
There is the messages of the seven Churches of Asia, then the seven seals of the apocalypse(this is where you meet the four horsemen of the apocalypse). The breaking of the seventh seal brings forth the seven trumpets of seven angels where many 1/3’s of things are effected. Burning of 1/3 of trees and grass. A third of sea creatures are killed, a third of ships stranded at sea. A third of rivers and springs of water are poisoned. A third of the sun, moon, and stars are darkened for a third of the day and night.

Then it gets crazy, the locust people come out of the ground and there is the “3 woes”. Each one bringing worse destruction. Upon the seventh trumpet there is then seven spiritual figures, one of which is a seven headed dragon and another a seven headed beast! Later still seven bowls are poured onto the Earth bringing further destruction to those not marked with the seal of Christ upon their forehead.

I’m not making this up.

In case you didn’t know we will have our very own theme…

7 rounds

7 drop step lunges each leg
7 Cossack squats each leg
7 step ups each leg
7 single leg RDLS Each leg
7 single arm thrusters each arm
7 single arm single leg v ups each side
77 double unders or 77m walking lunge (alternate each round)

Add weight by using a vest or ruck. For RDL use a DB or kb being held in both hands.

If you wear a vest it must be on for all movements !!!

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