Video challenge

Warm up
100’ walking hamstring stretch
100’ walking hip flexor stretch
100’ lunge and reach

10 minutes alternating every 30 seconds
0-29 seconds Step ups
30-59 seconds goblet squats

Foot drill 100’ of each


10 rounds for time
200m run
10 cleans

17 minutes cap

If using a db alternate arms and have both heads of the dB touch the ground.
Rx 50/35

If using a barbell perform 10 cleans from the ground. Rx-95/65

If using a kb perform 12 reps from hang and perform 6 on one side before switching. Rx 55/35

This is not a workout to go heavier to say you did. The goal is to finish and bring intensity to all aspects of the workout. Keep your hands long and loose on the run to have the strength to perform cleans unbroken!

If running is not an option check chart to choose a suitable alternative based on your equipment availability.

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