5 mins hero pose
Then 2 rounds:
50’ walking hip flexor
50’ waking hamstring
8 lunge and reach

Skill Work
(need: mat to lay on & doorframe or unmovable post/object)

3 rounds
20-30 sec Upper Arch Hold
*Note: In both options, legs and feet are together and squeezed tight!

*Option 1: 1 arm stays down, 1 arm up with the torso
*Option 2: both arms up with the torso

Side Arch Hold
*Option 1: 10-15 second hold with one leg up
*Option 2: 10-15 second hold with both legs up

Leg Lowers in Candlestick
*Note: hands are holding onto a doorframe/pole/unmovable object

*Option 1: legs start up in dead bug position, lower legs, hold for 2 seconds, straight leg return to starting position
*Option 2: hips off the ground, straight leg lower, reset
*Option 3: hips and back off the ground, straight leg lower, reset

(need: jump rope/target/plate, DB/KB 50/35 scale accordingly)
24 min EMOTM
*Note: Keeping breathing under control will be critical for success in today’s workout. This will be a challenging rep scheme – focus on steadying your breath!

Min 1: 40 double unders
Min 2: 8 bottom half burpees
Min 3: 6 DB/KB push press each arm
Min 4: 14 DB/KB swings

Options for DU:
40 DU
20 DU
40 Target Touches (6-12” above max reach)
Plate hops

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