video challenge

Warm up
5 minute full body flow

5 rounds
20 reps walking hamstring stretch
5 wall walks
5 reverse nordic curls
20 cossack squats

Emotm 20
Even 8/10/12 bent over rows
Odd 8/10/12 seated strict press

This is ideally done with both hands at the same time. If you are doing a single arm at a time perform the reps with a slower negative than the up as opposed to doing more reps!

Amrap 20
5 strict pull ups
5 strict HSPU
10 pistols
20 burpees

This is gymnasty!

Get after it with enthusiasm.

Scaling pull ups- ring rows/towel rows/bent over rows/one arm rows

Scaling hspu – feet/knees on box/seated strict press/strict push ups/push ups on an elevated surface/kneeing push ups

Scaling pistols – single leg sit to stand to a surface/ single leg sit with two leg stand/deck squat (10 reps)/ air squat (20 reps)

I want to see you moving and getting multiple rounds in this workout. Ideally the goal would be for 5+ rounds

It’s supposed to be nice for most of the day so make sure you get outside if you can!

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