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Soviet Russia used forced work camps across Russia from 1919 until the late 1950’s.

These camps housed well over 18,000,000 people during their usage.

The GULAG was originally the organization that was in charge of what gre to over 50 prisons/camps.

One of the jobs was to colonize the remote and inhospitable parts of the USSR.

This really escalated under Stalin and in 1931 alone they exiled over 1.8 million people in a process called dekulakization. This was the exile of the “wealthy” peasants, they were deemed oppressors of socialism.

During world war II many of the annexed countries had their citizens imprisoned into the GULAG. Over 300,000 Polish citizens were imprisoned. Over 500,000 died in the camps between 1941-1943 and over 100,000 died during the winter of 1941 from starvation.

We are currently all struggling and dealing with significant changes to our lives. It is challenging but I do believe perspective is always helpful.

I also believe that making ourselves small or working toward something bigger than us is always important.

We depend on each other. Right now we are apart but we are all depending on each other to be there when we fall.

We are not in the GULAG by far but we are dealing with significant unknown.

When you don’t want to be strong or do not think you can remember I am depending on you. Your friends are depending on you. Your family is depending on you. You can be just a little stronger. You can move a little bit longer. Yes, you can.

You are the type of person that keeps moving, no matter how slow. You keep moving forward.

Let’s get after it today!

For time
100 step ups
75 push ups
100 lunges
150 shoulder to overhead

Cap is 70
Rx 2 miles each
Wear a vest or ruck

L1 1.5 miles each run
No added weight

L2 1 mile runs
Perform 70% of reps

L3 .75 mile runs
Perform 50% of reps

One thought on “May 1, 2020

  1. Finished l1 48.11
    Mod pushups, 18 inch step up, lunges
    5 pounds each arm for shoulder to over head. Have to say I was almost crying by 150. Then last 1.5 mile went like this. I can do .1 miles. I finished!😳😬

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