Hero pose – 5 minutes
90/90 – 2 min each direction, each side
2 rounds
50’ OH carry L
As 50’ OH carry R
5 4-part squats

Skill Work – Single Leg Squat work
Need: box/steps/sturdy surface to step to, object (extra shoe, dumbbell, kettlebell)

3 rounds:

10 single leg lateral step ups each side.
Ideally 16-20 inches.
Focus on pressing through your whole foot on the way up, and maintaining a slow descent

15 narrow stance squats
Feet directly under hips, toes facing forward. Achieve full depth (or lowest possible range of motion) with your whole foot on the ground. These should be slow and controlled and take8-10 seconds to complete 1 rep.

Hip Flexor Lift Offs
5 on each side. 1 repetition = over the object and back.

(need: DB/KB 50/35 scale accordingly)
12 min cap

40 star jumps
30 strict press (each side)
20 goblet squats (50/35)
10 burpee pike jumps
20 goblet squats 50/35)
30 floor press (each side)
40 inside out jumps

Scale burpee pike jumps: burpee tuck jumps or burpee jump + clap

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