video challenge

Hero pose 5 minutes
Ido Portal Squat Warm Up

Skill Work – Single Leg Squat work
Need: box/steps/sturdy surface to step to, object (extra shoe, dumbbell, kettlebell)

3 rounds:

10 single leg lateral step ups each side.
Ideally 12-20 inches.
*Focus on pressing through your whole foot on the way up, sitting back into the squat, and maintaining a slow descent
*If you completed last week’s skill, try raising the non-working leg out in front

15 narrow stance squats OR 10 alternating narrow stance foot lift offs
*Narrow stance squat: Feet directly under hips, toes facing forward. Achieve full depth (or lowest possible range of motion) with your whole foot on the ground. These should be slow and controlled and take 8-10 seconds to complete 1 rep.
*Narrow stance foot lift off: Starting stance same as above. At bottom of squat, lift one foot out in front, hold off ground or gently place on ground, return to squat, stand.

Hip Flexor Lift Offs
5 on each side. 1 repetition = over the object and back. If you completed last week’s skill work, feel free to use a higher object OR complete all 5 reps without taking a break.

(need: Med Ball, KB/DB, ruckbag/lighter DB, set of stairs)

40 Med Ball Toe Taps (total)
20 Med Ball Clean Thrusters
20 Plank walk on Med Ball
20 Med Ball slams

Mods & Substitutions:
*Toe Taps – use stairs, doorstep, or low box if you don’t have a Med Ball

*MB Clean + Thruster – use a single KB or DB, use both arms overhead for thruster (no single arm) if no MB

*Plank walk – use stairs, doorstep or low box if no MB

*MB Slams – “woodchopper” with ruck, backpack, or light weight (alternate sides for 20 total reps) if no MB

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