Video challenge / Teddy’s surgery

Warm up
5 minute full body flow

5 minutes of 90/90

5 minutes cat/cows

Emotm 14
Even 40 seconds bent over rows
Odd 40 seconds plank hold

On the bent over rows the goal is to be moving for the forty seconds! Keep your core engaged on both movements or you will complain that your low back is getting sore in the strength.

Amrap 13
25 minutes air squats
50 cross jacks
100 shoulder taps

One thought on “May 21, 2020

  1. Finished warm up exercises
    10 pounds each arm for rows then planks
    Wod four rounds plus 147 reps
    After first 100 shoulder taps had to go to knee pushup position shoulder taps. So much shoulder work today my left shoulder couldn’t hold out. I did the proper cross jacks thought. See how I feel tomorrow. I’ll do lots of pelvic floor exercises


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