Hero pose 5 minutes
Squat test 5 minutes

Skill Work – Single Leg Squat work
Need: box/steps/sturdy surface to sit to, object (extra shoe, dumbbell, kettlebell)

3 rounds:

10 Cossack squats each side
*Focus on sitting back into the Cossack squat, chest up, and arms out in front
*for an added challenge, hold a light to moderate weight in front of your body

10 single leg squat to stand (alternating legs, to a low box 12/16/20”, stand with 2 feet)
*These should be slow and controlled, butt should not rest on the box/surface)
*For an added challenge, hold non-working leg in front throughout movement, sitting and standing on one leg

Hip flexor lift-offs
5 on each side. 1 repetition = over one object, then a second object, and back over both. Use your shoes or two dumbbells placed next to each other

(need: mat to lay on)

10 OG burpees
20 DB hang power cleans
30 mountain climbers

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