Video challenge

Warm up

Foot prep

5 minute hero pose

Foot drills 100’

Calf raises/toe raises 20 reps of each with toes forward/toes out/toes in

Then 3 minutes of foot smashing with either a lacrosse ball/dumbbell handle/barbell. Stay between the heel and the base of the toes try to devote one minute to each third of your foot!

If you’re wondering why so much foot stuff and you didn’t watch the video challenge this would be a great opportunity to enlighten yourself!


Amrap 22

100m walking lunge

50 dB/kB snatch

100m bear crawl

50 dB/kB hang clean

200m side shuffle (100m one direction/100m other direction)

50 db goblet squats

200m backward run

50 pistols

For the pistol scale perform single leg sit to two leg stand/25 deck squats/or 50 step ups, do not scale to regular squats for today!!!

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