The eaters of pain…

There are those full of dark demons.

They are lurking in the shadows of our souls.

Those demons came from the pain and darkness; forged in the loss of innocence facing the harsh reality of life far too soon.

Those demons can destroy a person. Rot it from the inside where the person is dead and soulless long before they exhale their last breath.

These perpetuate the demons. They create them anew in the next generation. Creating more walking dead. Those that create fear, pain, and things that should never have to be talked about because they shouldn’t exist.

There are others who take these demons within them and realize it does not make them powerless. It makes them powerful.

They have walked in the valley and have come through the other side. They may be battered, bruised, and broken but those wounds will heal. They will be stronger still.

They are the eaters of pain. They show strength and perseverance where most would quit. They relish in it. They know all things being equal they will succeed, they will win because their secret is in what they have overcome.

Those demons are under their control they know the buttons to push. The way to make them do their bidding and not as the demons would please.

The pain eaters will laugh in the face of that pain. They will feed off those who quit. They become stronger when an enemy falls because they know they can outlast. They can tolerate the pain, the discomfort because they know full well what quitting will do. It kills. Instantly but slowly. A bleeding that cannot be stopped a constant drip, drip, drip, drip. A path that can be traced back to that moment of quitting and you can say with absolute certainty that this is the moment that person died.

I will eat the pain, always. It is dark, but necessary. I have many demons, full of darkness. I cannot hide it nor should I. It is why a fighter fights, why the person goes back for more. Why the athlete won’t retire. The soldier re ups, the firefighter goes back in the burning building. They are eating the pain…

Turning darkness against itself to devour the darkness.

Amrap 90


50 ruck swings

50 ruck shoulder to overhead

50 ruck lunges

Rx ruck length 2 miles

L1 ruck length 1.5 miles

L2 ruck length 1 mile (cap WOD at 70 minutes)

L3 1 mile run/walk no weight (cap WOD at 70 minutes)

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