Hero pose 5 minutes
3 rounds
10 deck squats
10 sky reaches
10 jumping jacks

Skill Work – Single Leg Squat work
Need: mat to kneel in, post/doorframe to steady yourself

3 rounds:

Hip Sleeper Stretch – 90 seconds
1st round: Left 90 sec
2nd round: Right 90 sec
3rd round: Both legs together 90 sec
*find a “comfortable” position for your hips, this may mean that the feet are farther away from your body, and for some it may mean closer to the body.

5 Reverse Lunges (each side)
*Option 1 (beginner) rest the back foot on the ground
*Option 2 (advanced) do not let the back foot rest on the ground

5 Hip flexor kicks (each side)
Use a post or door frame to steady yourself as needed. Standing in one leg, pull knee in tight to the chest. Extend the leg, keeping the knee high (ideally above parallel). Return to the tuck, repeat. Try to keep your weight balanced, shoulders and hips square.

(need: mat to lay on, area to run, box, jump rope, plate for hops)

Time Cap: 16 minutes
200m run
40 v-ups (hands and feet touch ground)
40 double unders
10 strict HSPU

200m run
50 tuck ups (hands and feet touch ground)
50 single unders
10 strict HSPU

200m run
60 sit-ups (original recipe)
60 plate hops
10 strict HSPU

HSPU mods: seated DB press, pike on ground (stay on toes), knees on box, feet on box, strict HSPU on wall

V-ups mods: tuck ups, single leg V-ups, straddle v-ups, v-ups

Double under mods (for last round): single unders

No jump rope? No problem! Plate hops each round!

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