To quote C.S. Lewis integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.

This is something my dad hammered into me in my youth.

Putting in the work when no one is watching.
Finishing the job to your best ability regardless of what it is instead of just getting it done. Measure twice, cut once. Trying and failing until failing becomes success.

I feel this is poignant now for many reasons.

In regard to our fitness, it has been hard. Harder than normal to roll out of bed and do the thing.

No one is watching, who will know?

I had a long day, I don’t have the right weight, I miss my friends, work sucks, I can’t work, I’m exhausted.

I have used all of those excuses during this time. But I also make deals with myself that I uphold. The one person we cannot break promises to are ourselves. We are the only person that we will wake up with everyday for the rest of our lives.

If I don’t do it one day then I must the next. If I don’t want to “workout” I must walk. Exercise is a therapeutic outlet. An antidepressant. It’s regular administration allows us to deal with the stresses of life.

Overall I think most of you are doing a good job and are beating yourselves up too much. A couple literally (remember more is not better, better is better) and others crushing themselves for missing a workout, “bad eating”, binging a show, whatever it may be.

We are living through an extremely stressful and traumatic time in history. It is touching everyone all over the world.

It is ok to have bad days. It is ok to fall off. Get back up and hop back on. We are always here to lend that helping hand but you need to meet us in the middle!

In case you haven’t figured it out.

Tomorrow’s FYF is about integrity.

A choose your own adventure of sorts.

What will you do?



Deadlift – reps x poundage
Clean- reps x poundage x1.5
GTOH- reps x poundage x2
Carry- poundage x 10% of meters

For example
10 deadlifts at 50# would be 500 pts
20 cleans at 50# would be 1500pts
30 GTOH AT 50# would be 3000pts
Carry 50# 500 meters would be 2500pts

Totaling 7500 pts

To accumulate 50k
You would need to perform 6.667 rds to finish…

Here are the rules..



You must do all movements at least once

You cannot change weights for movements. Same weight for all..

You cannot wear a vest unless it’s for the entire workout and it will only count toward your carry.

You could put your weight in a book bag for the carry…

Rx 50,000
L1 40,000
L2 35,000
L3 30,000

Time cap….

You stay until the job is done. Integrity

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