Warm up
Foot drills
100’ of each

3 rds
100’ oh carry
100’ walking lunge
15 band pull aparts/ bent over lateral raises

Body weight destruction!!!!
Emotm 15
Minute 1
Push ups
Minute 2
Minute 3
Open hand strict presses (no weight, just press hands to ceiling)

You will perform 30 seconds max effort. Trying to replicate your max effort each time. Pro tip, you will not. DO NOT SCALE THE MOVMENT TO TRY TO GET MORE REPS. Failure is inevitable and expected, it’s a good thing here!


4 rounds for time
400 m run forward
50 air squats
200 m run backward

Rx as is
L1 300 m forward run /40 squats/ 150 m backwards
L2 200 m forward run/ 30 squats/ 100m backwards

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