Push the button…

Full send…

Empty the tank…

Leave nothing on the table…

Give everything you have…

All gas no brake…

Why are you here?

What is your why?

Do you want to see how far the rabbit hole goes?

I ask many of these questions to you all and to myself…

I ask myself them right now quite a bit.

We are approaching, hopefully, the reopening of our space!

I have heard from many that it’s not the same, on their own, in the zoom sessions, with friends, even with all the equipment and not with each other.

It got me thinking about pushing buttons. I know many of you well enough to know when to lean in and when to step back.

I listen intently always, to find out what makes you tick, I’m always looking for it. The small thing. Something that I can say in a few words. A quick phrase I can whisper over your shoulder in the middle of the chaos of a workout and no matter the pain, no matter how tired, it will make you move.

I want to know what is at your core, the foundation. What it’s all built on.

It doesn’t have to be pretty. I think the ability to suffer is only because of tremendous pain and that pain isn’t beautiful but beautiful things can come from it.

This workout is a grind.

A test of fortitude.

Mental and physical strength.

I don’t want to is easy on this one.

It’s a great deal of hard work.

Think about your buttons before this workout.

Think about your why. Write it on a board, give yourself a little reminder you can look at mid workout when you want to quit, slow down, or mail it in.

Who will know?

You will. You are the hero of your story. YOU! I’m a guide, a passing of chapters in your story. I’m there to help and direct you…

Tomorrow is another FYF….
who is doing the first F, you or the workout???

I always think it’s me, do you?

2 rounds

50 push ups
500m run/800m bike/25 cals cardio
50 bent over rows
500m run/800m bike/25 cals cardio
50 shoulder to overhead
500m run/800m bike/25 cals cardio
50 lunges/step ups each leg
500m run/800m bike/25 cals cardio
50 8 count bodybuilders
500m run/800m bike/25 cals cardio

Rx vest
L1 no vest
L2 40 reps/400m run 650m bike/20 cals
L3 35 reps/400m run 650m bike/ 20 cals

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