3 rounds
10 V-ups/tuck ups
10 4-part squats
10 high plank to low plank

Skill Work – L-Sits and Core Stability
Need: two chairs/two boxes/set of rings or set of parallelettes, hand towel

3 rounds:
Crab Hold
Beginner: crab hold
Advanced: reverse straight leg plank
Hold: each round, accumulate 1 minute in 2 or more sets
Goal: In both, focus on squeezing the glutes to keep the hips high.

Beginner: knees tucked
Intermediate: one knee tucked
Advanced: pike position
Goal: each round, accumulate :45 seconds in 2 or more sets.
Cues: (1) Keep the hips in-line with the wrists, don’t let the hips sink behind the arms (2) keep your neck long (3) keep knees or pike HIGH, don’t let the position drop too low (or shorten the length of the set)

5-10 Reverse V-ups
Watch video for demonstration!
If you are struggling to bring the hips up high while in a pike position, you may modify by performing a tuck position!

Need: DB/KB

AMRAP 14 minutes:
10 single leg deadlifts (each side)
10 KB/DB swings
10 push press (each side)

Weight option: ideally 50/35, scale accordingly

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