Warm up
Foot drills
100’ of each

Calf raises/toe raises
20 of each in each direction

5 minutes of jump rope practice/ bouncing
-focus on maintaining a mid foot/forefoot strike with heels staying off the ground

Emotm 20
Even – push ups
Odd – rows

Pick a number you can do quickly unbroken (8-15) try to hit that number unbroken every set! The rows can be with any implement but I would recommend using two hands for speed and efficiency.

The goal of the workout is to keep moving and keep a high heart rate.

Remember the focus of the workouts this month is prep for our July hike!

Amrap 30
200m backward run
20 dumbbell snatches
20 Russian twists
20 Cossack squats
20 dips

The goal of this workout is 5+ rounds! Scale accordingly…

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