June 19, 1865

Major General Gordon Granger and his men arrive in Galveston, Texas and read the federal order abolishing slavery.

The emancipation proclamation went into effect January 1, 1863…

Over two years later this new was still being proclaimed in more remote areas of the United States.

Even with the order many of the free people were not easily freed. Some were killed during “the scatter”. There are reports that in certain areas people were kept as slaves until 1868.

Currently Juneteenth is a holiday in 47 states.

When we choose a topic or idea for our FYF workouts we are trying to educate, enlighten, and encourage thought.

Educating myself on the topic it made me think of a few different things.

This was a major step in our country however there was and still is significant work that we must do.

Freedom is never free.

Unity is the way.

While we are living through tumultuous history we do have plenty to be appreciative of.

Every day we have choices to make. Choices of acceptance of what is of to push. To strive, to create, to shape the world.

We must continue shaping.

Amrap 65
1865 m run/row/3000m bike
19 hang power cleans (135/95 for a bar or a heavier dumbbell/kettlebell)
6 man makers if using dumbbells or 6 bear complexes for a barbell
6 oh lunges each leg using your bar or weight (if using a db or kB you can could with either one or both hands)
19 shoulder to overhead
1865 m run/row/3000m bike

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