2 rounds
10 total curtsey squats
10 total Captain Morgan’s
10 total shoulder taps
10 high plank to low plank

Skill Work – L-Sits and Core Stability
Need: two chairs/two boxes/set of rings or set of parallelettes, hand towel

3 rounds:
Standing Front + Back Scale
Hold: each round, hold 5 seconds Forward and  5 seconds Backward on each leg
Perform: This is just like scales in class! With the supporting leg straight, lift the opposite leg forward off the ground (also straight) to a 90 degree angle. Then, lean forward and perform a scale to the back, striving for 90 degree angel with supporting leg.

Beginner: knees tucked
Intermediate: one knee tucked
Advanced: pike position
Goal: each round, accumulate :45 seconds in 2 or more sets.
Cues: (1) Keep the hips in-line with the wrists, don’t let the hips sink behind the arms (2) keep your neck long (3) keep knees or pike HIGH, don’t let the position drop too low (or shorten the length of the set)

5 Turkish Get-up Sit ups on EACH SIDE
Make sure to go through each step of the TGU sit-up on the way up, and the way back down. Don’t glide through it!

Need: DB/KB

Infinity Ladder (12 minutes)
Increasing by 2 reps each time (2-4-6-8-10)

2 Weighted lunge
2 v-ups / tuck ups
2 push ups

Lunge: can hold the weight anywhere except resting on body
Weight option: ideally 50/35 scale accordingly

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