Warm up
Foot drills 100’ each

20 reps each of calf raises and toe raises (20 each with toes ahead, toes out, toes in)

100’ each
Walking hamstring
Walking hip flexor
Lunge and reach

Tempo push ups
5 sets of 5 reps
The focus of these sets is a slow negative with and explosive push up…

You may need to scale even if you can perform strict pushups!

Ideally you want your hands elevated 1-4” (use some books), this will allow for the hover at the bottom!

The reps should be performed with a
4 second negative – 2 second hover at bottom -explode up – 2 second reset

At a minimum a set will take 40 real life seconds, if it does not then your counting needs adult supervision!!!!!

20 seconds on 10 seconds off
8 rounds


Rest 4 minutes



Rest four minutes


Pike jump/tuck jump/ alternating high knees

Keep track of reps for each movement and you will have three separate scores!

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