Warm up
4 rds
30 seconds jog in place
30 seconds Cossack squats
30 seconds walkouts
30 seconds deadbuga
60 seconds lunge and reach
Total time 12 minutes

Emotm 24
30 seconds on 30 seconds off
Min 1 one squat (10 down/10 pause/10 up)
Min 2 one push up (10 down/10 hover/10 up)
Min 3 one row (10 down/10 hover/10 up)

The goal is controlled quality reps not load!

Do not be afraid to modify the push ups and rows it can be any kind of row! The push up should not have your chest touching the ground during the hover, it says hover not touch!!!

Amrap 13
100 m run
10 dB snatch
20 v ups/ sit ups

The run is not recovery here, keep moving quickly!!!

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