3 rounds
5 lunge and reach
5 4-part squats
10 Cossack squats (total)
10 strict push ups (your best!)

Skill Work – L-Sits and Core Stability
Need: two chairs/two boxes/set of rings or set of parallelettes, mat to lay on, KB or DB

3 rounds:

50 ft front rack carry
Perform 50 feet on one side using KB or DB, then perform on the other side. Chest should stay tall, elbow “in,” and weight should be “nestled” right in front of the shoulder.

Beginner: knees tucked
Intermediate: one knee tucked
Advanced: pike position
Goal: each round, accumulate 1:00 in 2 or more sets.
Cues: (1) Keep the hips in-line with the wrists, don’t let the hips sink behind the arms (2) keep your neck long (3) keep knees or pike HIGH, don’t let the position drop too low (or shorten the length of the set)

V-up / Tuck-up
Accumulate 100 V-ups or Tuck-ups between the 3 rounds. Try to complete with your best form. If doing v-ups, legs remain straight throughout, and both legs lift off the ground at the same time.

Need: med ball (can substitute for DB/KB)

Time cap: 10 minutes
10-1 med ball clean
1-10 burpees

Med Ball Clean can be exchanged for equal number hang squat cleans. If using a DB or KB, split the reps between arms.

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