***800 class today with Steph at JFK RECREATION AREA, Corner of eagle and pine***

***Monday classes will be at Erie basin marina, near the observation deck!***

Dynamic Warm Up (half circle/ under pavilion/50 ft each way)
⁃ Jog
⁃ High knees
⁃ Butt kickers
⁃ High power skips
⁃ Leaping/bounding
⁃ Side shuffle
⁃ Monkey slaps

Review active Hollow Body Hang

:20 seconds work + :10 sec rest
(1) 1 group on grass, 1 group on HB hangs
⁃ HB hold
⁃ HB rock
⁃ HB flutter kicks
⁃ HB 4 count-cross cross

(2) Both groups together:
⁃ High plank
⁃ Low plank (elbows or hands)
⁃ Bear crawl hold
⁃ Bear crawl hold with shoulder taps
⁃ Side elbow plank (R) *thread
⁃ Side elbow plank (L) *thread
⁃ Side plank on hand (R)
⁃ Side plank on hand (L)

Skill Work
Working towards a V-up!

20 total reps hip flexor lift offs

Sit up technique – 3/5 reps
⁃ practice using hips and arms (momentum)
Tuck up technique – 3/5 reps
⁃ Practice hold in tuck (balance)
Straddle v-up technique – 3/5 reps
⁃ Practice lifting both legs at the same time
V-up technique – 3/5 reps
⁃ Balance, straight legs, lifting at same time, activating tension

20 total reps hip flexor lift offs

Need: DB/KB or light barbell, mat to lay on

Time cap: 14 minutes
4 rounds for time

6 hang squat cleans (each side)
12 front rack drop step lunges
24 straddle v-ups

Hang power clean (if can’t squat)
Unweighted drop step lunge
Alternating v-ups, Sit ups

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