***class at veterans memorial/Erie basin marina for afternoon ***

Bring a db and mat

Class Friday at Chestnut Ridge toboggan hill

Warm up
Minute 1
10 squats
Minute 2
10 lunges
Minute 3
10 Cossack squats
Minute 4
10 split squats (total)
Minute 5
10 shrimp squats (total)
Minute 6
10 pistols (total)


10 dips off surface superset with 10-15 oh triceps ext then superset with 10-15 diamond pushups on a surface

Rest 2-3 minutes

4 sets

Amrap 14
10 one arm rows each arm from a push up position (rx feet on a bench)
20 Russian twists with db
30 groiners (no jumping to switch legs)
40 total single leg rdls (hold db in opposite hand)

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