Dynamic Warm Up (~50 ft each way)
⁃ Jog
⁃ High knees
⁃ Butt kickers
⁃ Frankenstein walk
⁃ High power skips
⁃ Leaping/bounding
⁃ R leg hops / L leg hops
⁃ Side shuffle
⁃ Side sweeps

Ido Portal Squat Warm Up

:20 seconds work + :10 sec rest
Hollow Body work
⁃ HB hold
⁃ HB rock
⁃ HB flutter kicks
⁃ HB 4 count-cross cross

Skill Work
Single Leg Squat Strength
3 rounds

Lateral step ups
⁃ 10 reps total (5 each leg)
⁃ Slow and controlled lower, try to keep body weight in heels, hips sit “back”

Single Leg Sit-to-Stand or Shrimp Squats
⁃ 10 reps total (5 each leg)

Narrow Stance Squats
⁃ 12-15 reps
⁃ Feet are ~6-12 inches apart
⁃ Achieve full depth (squat to surface if unable to achieve depth)

Need: DB/KB, mat to lay on

10 Rounds for Time
Cap 13 minutes

5 Hang Squat Clean (see below)
5 Strict HSPU (on ground, mods below)

*Hang Squat Clean:
rounds 0,2,4,6,8 = Right arm
rounds 1,3,5,7,9 = Left arm

NO kipping HSPU!
Strict on wall
Strict in pike (feet on box)
Strict in tuck (knees on box)
Ground HSPU
Strict Push up (to surface if needed)

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