Gymnastics Warm up
:20 seconds work + :10 sec rest
(1) Hollow Body work x2
⁃ HB hold
⁃ HB rock
⁃ HB flutter kicks
⁃ HB Alt v-up

(2) Plank work
⁃ High plank x2
⁃ Low plank (elbows or hands) x2
⁃ Bear crawl hold
⁃ Bear crawl hold with shoulder taps
⁃ Side elbow plank (R) *thread
⁃ Side elbow plank (L) *thread

5 min hero pose
:30 sec flip the toes

Skill Work
Single Leg Squat Strength (final week)
(Need: step/box, DB/KB/Plate)
2 rounds

Narrow Stance Squats
⁃ 10 reps total
⁃ Goal: deep squat with chest tall
⁃ Torso is upright
⁃ May add light to moderate weight in goblet squat

Alt. Step Ups (slow eccentric)
⁃ 10 reps (each leg)
⁃ Add light to moderate weight for greater challenge

Pistols OR 2 Leg Squat + Single Leg Lift + 2 Leg Stand
⁃ 3-5 reps each side
⁃ Scale option: Single Leg Sit + Stand (1 or 2 Leg depending on skill level)
⁃ If scaling, try to use a low surface + increase the depth of your squat target!

Need: DB/KB + mat

5 8-count Body Builders
10 Bent Over Rows (each arm)
15 goblet squats

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