Our Barbells for Bullies online competition will be live tomorrow morning!!!

Sign up here, https://app.throwdowns.com/competitions/barbells-for-bullies-buffalo-2020/

You have until September 14 to complete the 3 workouts!

Warm up
Burgener warm up

3 rds
10 single arm high pulls each arm
10 band pull parts
Three 3 position snatch with PVC/empty bar

Hang snatch
3 rep max
In 20 minutes
Barbells for bullies WOD 1
8 minute ladder
One db snatch R
One db snatch L
One burpee
2 dB snatch R
2 dB snatch l
2 burpees
3 dB snatch r
3 dB snatch l
3 burpees

Rx 50/35
Scaled 35/25

Barbell option
2 snatches
1 burpee
4 snatches
2 burpees
6 snatches
3 burpees
8 snatches
4 burpees

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