Warmup #1
5 min Hero Pose

Gymnastics Warm up #2
:20 seconds work + :10 sec rest
(1) Hollow Body work x2
⁃ HB hold
⁃ HB rock
⁃ HB flutter kicks
⁃ HB Alt v-up

(2) Plank work
⁃ High plank x2
⁃ Low plank (elbows or hands) x2
⁃ Bear crawl hold
⁃ Bear crawl hold with shoulder taps
⁃ Side elbow plank (R) *thread
⁃ Side elbow plank (L) *thread

Skill work
Jumping & Double Unders

Hops! 2 rounds of 20 reps each
Focus on: ankle extension through every rep. Achieving hollow body position (butt squeezed and toes slightly in front – not piked! Feet pinned together for all 2 foot jumps!⁃ Two feet - quick jumps ⁃ Two feet - tall jumps ⁃ left leg ⁃ right leg ⁃ Penguin jumps

Jump rope 2:00 each, 1:00 rest
Focus on: same as above! Plus….Avoid super fast singles done in workouts, even when doing “SU for speed.”⁃ Single unders - for consistency (focus on timing) ⁃ Single unders - for speed (still achieve full ankle extension) ⁃ Single unders - prep for doubles (high jump) ⁃ Double under practice (IF you have consistent sets of DU, otherwise, single arm rope swings with jump, switching arms)

14 min AMRAP

40 plate hops
30 shoulder (chest) to overhead w/ plate
20 med ball cleans
10 figure eights with med ball (each direction)

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