Gymnastics Warm up
Flexibility Work
⁃ Pike stretch 2 mins
⁃ Half kneeling split (each side) 2 mins
⁃ Center stretch 1 min
⁃ Center Sweeps 1 min
⁃ Frog stretch 5 mins

Leg Swings 2 x 20 each leg
⁃ Side swings
⁃ Forward
⁃ Back

Skill work

Strict Push up
⁃ 3×10
⁃ Slower down, fast/explode up
⁃ Maintain hollow body throughout
⁃ Use higher surface as needed

Shoulder Taps
⁃ 3×20
⁃ Goal: feet together, hips down, hollow body position. Shoulders directly over hands
⁃ Elevate feet where possible (plates, box, wall)

Pike handstand hold
⁃ Feet on box
⁃ Accumulate 3-5 minutes
⁃ Goal: Hips directly above shoulders, shoulders over hands
⁃ Hollow body position
⁃ “Peek” at your hands

11 min AMRAP

5 long jump + backwards bear crawl
10 shoulder to OH (total)
20 Around the Worlds (total, 10 each side)

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