Gymnastics Warm up
Flexibility Work
⁃ Pike stretch 2 mins
⁃ Half kneeling split (each side) 2 mins
⁃ Center stretch 1 min
⁃ Hurdler stretch (each side) 1 min
⁃ Frog stretch 3 mins

Leg Swings 2 x 20 each leg
⁃ Side swings
⁃ Forward
⁃ Back

Skill work
Handstands Week 3!

Maltese Push Up
⁃ 3 sets of 15 reps (can break up sets)
⁃ Rx: on 2 DB, in the shape of a V. Scale, on 2 parallelettes or a box with hands on the sides, angled in
⁃ Goal: strict push up, feet together & legs squeezed, body moves as one unit, elbows stay in to the side.

Wall Walks
⁃ 2 people on the wall at a time
⁃ 3 sets x 2-3 reps
⁃ Goal: Nose and Toes on wall
⁃ Hollow body position
⁃ Be able to “peek” at your hands

Seated Z Press
⁃ 3 sets of 8 reps (each)
⁃ Goal: hamstrings and calves stay pressed on the ground throughout the movement. Chest stays tall, achieve lockout overhead.


10 DB SDHP each arm
10 drop step front rack lunges each leg
10 full body sit ups

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