Anat and Mot

Warrior goddess

A complete badass and destroyer of anything and everything.

Once her brother Ba’al was killed by Mot (the personification of death)

She searched for her brother killing all of his enemies, leaving vast destruction in her wake being described as wading waist deep through the blood of those she killed.

When seeking the shade of her brother in the underworld she finds out that Mot killed her brother.

She finds her brother Ba’al and carries him to the top of saphon and performs funeral rites. Then Anat goes back to the underworld to confront and kill Mot.

She mutilates Mot.

She cuts him in half, some say with his sickel, then she winnows him, burns him, grinds him, sifts him, and sows him into the ground.


Amrap 40

Wading blood
150 banded March to box

Carrying Baal to saphon
Row 2814 m

Cutting, winnowing, burning, grinding, sifting, sowing Mot.

30 plate gtoh
20 plate weighted step overs
10 burpee over box
20 plate weighted step overs
30 plate gtoh

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