Warm up
Foundations Work (15 mins)
2x through
Provide appropriate rest1. Compression sit-up (all 3-5 sec hold)

1 reps @ 5-10 degree lean
1 reps at 20 degree lean
1 reps at 45 degree lean
1 reps at shoulder blades
Right Leg lift off
Left leg lift off
Both legs 2. Arch Position Lifts

3 reps just legs (toes pointed, heels together)
3 reps just arms (thumbs up)
3 reps together

Skill work
T2B Week 2
3-4 rounds (depending on timing)

Hollow Hold or L-Sit/Tuck Lifts On Rig
⁃ Up to 4 Athletes at a time on the rig!
⁃ Big knuckles on top of the bar! Thumbs wrapped around!
⁃ PRESS down on the bar (to engage lats/active hang. New language to use instead of “pull down” on the bar)
⁃ Same “compression” position of spine and rib cage from sit up!
⁃ Hollow hold: accumulate 10-20 seconds of good position holding each round, likely split into 2-3 hangs each round (athlete dependent, use your judgement)
⁃ L-sit lifts or Tuck lifts

Tucked Deck Squat
⁃ 20 reps
⁃ Remain in tucked position throughout! Do not let the legs come away from the body as they roll back!
⁃ Knees and ankles stay together!
⁃ Roll back onto mat 1 vertebrae at a time, can use speed and momentum but remain tight (if it ain’t tight, it ain’t right!)
⁃ Use mats as needed to maintain above positions

Ring Row
⁃ Maintain hollow body (compression) the entire time, with hips tucked under
⁃ Engage lats
⁃ Retract
⁃ “Press down” (pull)
⁃ 8-10 reps


24 kettlebell swings (Russian)
16 single arm PP
12 hollow body plank pull throughs

Rx 50/35
L1 44/26
L2 35/18

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