***please message us to let us know if you are in for the QUARANTEAM challenge ASAP***

I will be at the gym for equipment between 930-1200 today

We will give you the equipment you need for it if you don’t have it!

All aspects are performed solo, with support from your entire team!

This will be very straightforward and fun!

The goal of the challenge is to complete it, as a team. Teammates along with their team leader will be responsible to and for everyone on the team.

Your level of fitness does not matter. Your consistency does!

The challenge will officially start on Monday!

Warm up


5 walkouts

10 lunge and reach

20 total Cossack squats

30 cross jacks


15 burpees

15 burpees

30 sit up

15 burpees

30 sit ups

60 shoulder taps

15 burpees

30 sit ups

60 shoulder taps

90 air squats

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